Unsecured Business Loans


Barnfire Capital is a direct supplier of business finance for small to medium Australian businesses.

We work with successful businesses to help solve cash flow issues. The kind of issues which typically arise from a shortfall in asset security to support loans, and the inevitable fluctuation of cash flows when money has to be spent in order to make money.

Managing a business through times of tightened cash flow requires skill, experience and attention to the critical operational factors which determine cash flow outcomes on a daily basis.

“Easy” finance is often the kind of leveraging which is secured against an asset with fairly easily determined value – such as real estate.

The problem many businesses face after some period of expansion requiring greater levels of working capital, the securable tangible asset base is used up.

Hence there is a need for “unsecured” forms of finance to fill the gap – or alternatively be forced to reduce the level of expansion which most business owners are quite naturally reluctant to do.

Here are a few suggestions for approaching cash flow requirements on an “unsecured” basis include:

  • prepare and use short-term operating cash flow forecasts as documented form of systematic planning (the opposite of which is “seat of the pants” which usually only works consistently well when cash flow is not tight)
  • pay attention to terms available to you by your suppliers, utilise extended terms wherever possible, and review opportunities for “deals” which have a favorable cash flow benefit
  • systematically and periodically review expenditures for cost-cutting and efficiency (without interfering with strategic objectives, of course)
  • pay attention to (i.e. measure and manage) debt collection efficiency and procedures
  • examine ordering timing and associated selling and/or manufacturing processes to minimise the cash tied up in inventory
  • review bank funding requirements from time-to-time, as they do change. Stay familiar with how the bank is measuring and classifying your business, so that you have a good understanding of where they might next be able to help you

Flexible options for strengthening working capital include a direct injection of cash primarily by leveraging receivables – i.e. debt factoring, or invoice finance.  This can be used in combination with other financing methods, or as a stand-alone solution, to support your short and longer-term business objectives.

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